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Dec 27, 2017

on this episode tolo and chorizon sit down with a Micah, he recently escaped from a Cult and is here to share his story! This episode is brought to you by: Cannabis Cactus Magazine

Dec 25, 2017

on this classic we take it back to Chorizo and the time he got catfished

Dec 22, 2017

On this episode we sit down with Sean and Joseph from Highly Medicated Bowling team, they share wholesome stories and expertise with our audience, enjoy!! This episode is brought to you by Cannabis Cactus Magazine, "Always free never prickly"

Dec 17, 2017

This the first installment of the classic tapes, on this episode we take it back to day one.

Dec 14, 2017

On this episode Prodi, Tolo and Chorizo sit down with Local AZ hip hop artist Gon Zo, we talk about his life in the game, mastering the pen, and a whole lot of shenanigans.